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Bar graph standard deviation

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RP el 25 de Mayo de 2019
Comentada: dpb el 25 de Mayo de 2019
Hi everyone,
I have a problem with a bar graph: as soon as I add standard deviations, the bars disappear and I only see the deviations or nothing at all. This is not the case for all bars in the plot. The code looks like this and works fine when I only run everything until "hold on". I checked the variables that go into the plot and they are all fine, no NaN or similar. I attached the plot so you know what I mean. Thanks a lot in advance for any tips!
bar_vivid.prepost = [mean_vivid.pre.(sprintf('s%d',subject)),'s%d',subject))];
conditions = categorical({'Pre test','Post test'});
conditions = reordercats(conditions,{'Pre test','Post test'});
bar(conditions,bar_vivid.prepost,'FaceColor',[0.9255 0.9059 0.3647],'LineStyle','none');
ylim([3 5.1])
hold on;
SD_Vpre = std(vivid.pre.(sprintf('s%d',subject)),'omitnan');
SD_Vpost = std('s%d',subject)),'omitnan');
all_SDV1 = [SD_Vpre; SD_Vpost];
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dpb el 25 de Mayo de 2019
Attach the figure as an image so don't have to download to see it...attaching sufficient data so folks could reproduce a figure with the problem would likely lead to more people trying than having to build something on their own as well...

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