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In the "Export Regression Model to Predict New Data" under the "Deploy Predictions Using MATLAB Compiler", what does cartable.mat stands for?

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I am using regression app for developing machine learning algorithm. After I have developed model, I would like to create a MATLAB app for it. When I went through the documentation, I was able to find a help ( Under this in "Deploy Predictions Using MATLAB Compiler", they have suggested some steps. But on trying those steps, I am getting error?
The step is that they have asked to create a function and then run it
function ypred = mypredict(tbl)
%#function fitrtree
ypred = trainedModel.predictFcn(cartable)
But, when i run the function, I am getting an error.
error using load
Unable to read file 'cartable.mat'. No such file or
Error in mypredict (line 4)
In the documentation it is mentioned that, "It must also have a pragma, so the compiler recognizes that Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ code is needed in the compiled application. This pragma could be any function in the toolbox." I am not understanding this part. What does it mean by any function in the toolbox. What is cartable.mat?
How to overcome this error?
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Praveen Kumar M
Praveen Kumar M el 16 de Jun. de 2019
Your explanation worked perfectly well. But i got landed in no mans land with another issue. The MATLAB compiler is not available for MATLAB student licence.
So I cannot anyway use this code. :(

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robin thomas
robin thomas el 10 de Dic. de 2019
I am getting the below error in matlab command line;
function ypred = mypredict(tbl)
Error: Function definition not supported in this context. Create functions in code file.
what is 'tbl'?

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