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extract data according to specified lat,lon bounding box

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swetha S
swetha S on 26 Jun 2019
Commented: swetha S on 26 Jun 2019
i have a 3d data, say dat(33*35*122). (lat,lon,time). Lat[6.5n to 38.5n], lon[66.5e to 100.5e]. now how can i extract the data for Lat[24.5n to 29.5] , lon[73.5e to 75.5e]. the data is of 1x1 degree resolution.


Bob Nbob
Bob Nbob on 26 Jun 2019
What do you mean by 'extract?' Do you just want to capture the data subset somewhere else? You can just use indexing for that. Things are a bit more complicated because you want to cover a range, but we can do that easily with logic.
Lat = 6.5:38.5;
Lon = 66.5:100.5;
latrng = ismember(Lat,[24.5:29.5]);
lonrng = ismember(Lon,[73.5:75.5]);
subset = data(latrng,lonrng,:);

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KSSV on 26 Jun 2019
REad about interp2. Let X,Y,Z be your original data. And let Xi, Yi be your new grid.
Zi = interp2(X,Y,Z,Xi,Yi) ;


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