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Trying to compile ThingSpeak Toolbox Support into a standalone App. How to add P file requirements manually.

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I am getting this error warning when attempting to compile an app that needs the ThingSpeak Toolbox Support add on in order to properly function:
"P files can not be analyzed to find their required fields. Please add P file requirements manually."
For context, I have a sensor updating ThingSpeak and my app generates a report based off of the data in ThingSpeak. The app works perfect when in the normal MatLab window but when I exported it into an executable file, the report is never generated. I did some research and concluded I needed to add the ThingSpeak Toolbox Support add on to fix this but I have no idea hwo to "add P file requirements manually." The only command I need to give the app access to is ThingSpeakRead.
I am making this in App Designer.
Thanks in advance

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Vinod el 18 de Jul. de 2019
If you are using R2019a (or newer) of MATLAB, you do not need to install the ThingSpeak Support Toolbox -- the functions are builtin to MATLAB and should be deployable in an app that is created with App Designer and compiled with MATLAB Compiler.
If you are using an older version of MATLAB, you need to specify the files of the ThingSpeak Support Toolbox to the MATLAB Compiler. See this section of the documentation:
You can also manually specify the files in the folder that ThingSpeak Support Toolbox is installed in using deploytool, if you are using that.
Please create a technical support request if you are unable to get this working.

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