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hook for an optimization problem.

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Alexander on 23 Jul 2019
Commented: Alexander on 10 Aug 2019
Is there a possibility to pass optimization information into the optimzation subject?
I try to explain my question on a basic example: Take
How can I print e.g. the current iteration or the current MeshSize from within the optimizing function?
Sure, printing is not my really issue, there is OutputFcn for this. What I would like to achieve is to alter weights inside the optimizationg function based the current state of the optimization process.


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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 10 Aug 2019
That is a bad idea.
You want to adjust your objective function in an optimization, based on iteration count, or some other information? Essentially, this creates an objective function that is not a continuous function. Worse, it is not even repeatable, so called a second time at the same location, you won't even return the same value? A really bad idea. And it invalidates the assumptions in essentially any optimization tool.

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Alexander on 10 Aug 2019
I see.
Anyway, what I tried as a test a day after I posted was:
I introduced a global variable in a MATLAB source, incremented this along the iteration count, and checked this global var inside my optimization function.
This did not lead to any good behavior. I assume, for the reasons you mentioned. So, I got away from my idea by trying it out.
Thanks, anyway.

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