Is function / variable highlighting possible in MATLAB?

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Hello everyone,
I am currently using MATLAB R2017b and wanted to know whether or not MATLAB has already / attends to add a highlighting or coloring feature for functions and variables, similar to those existing in other IDEs such as Spyder (for instance, in the attached picture, the classes and functions are in a different color than the rest of the script)?
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Rik on 5 Aug 2019
Edited: Rik on 5 Aug 2019
Matlab is not very strict about variables that overlap with function names (although it is getting more strict). That means that it will take a lot of parsing to find out if a name is a function or a variable. And if variables are poofed into the workspace with load it is an impossible task without actually running the function in the background.
That large amount of freedom makes it difficult to have more coloring features than just marking reserved keywords and obvious data types (code/char/comment).

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Neuropragmatist on 5 Aug 2019
I don't know about colouring functions but the rest of that colour scheme can be replicated using stuff like this:




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