PMSM (Single-Phase) missing the cogging torque

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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin el 7 de Ag. de 2019
Respondida: Federico Manfrin el 17 de Sept. de 2019
Hi, I'd like to use this model but it miss the cogging torque, wich is very important in this single-phase diapason motor.
Without the cogging effect, the model is too far from the real, and it's not useful.
Is there any suggestion to apply a cogging torque?
Is it possible to apply a sinusoidal torque related to the angular rotor position?
How should I model a cogging torque to bring my rotor back to the standstill position due the asymmetric air gap?

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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin el 17 de Sept. de 2019
Thing went on and I found something to solve this question, and I just want to share with you my experience: PMSM (single phase) was too simple for my project, a better solution is FEM-Parametrized Rotary Actuator.
Whith this block, you can provide a flux mapping table .. phy = f(i;theta) (flux function of current and rotor position). I get the tables using FEMM and a matlab scrpit, but I think there could be some example tables.
Whith this solution .. I get the cogging torque, and for example, if I set a random initial position, the rotor, in the simulation, move to the minimum reluctance position without any current at the input.

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