i want to search index number of element (based on condition)in an array and magnitude corresponds to index in matrix

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M.Prasanna kumar
M.Prasanna kumar on 20 Aug 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 Aug 2019
I have matrices from t1 to t24 (24 matrices of size 122249*25)
time matrix and tof is 4D matrix , when value in time matrix equals (or nearer) in tof matrix i want to find the voltage value from the correspoding matrices which is t1 to t24
here when tt value increases from 1 to 2 , it should search should change from t1 to t2
for tt = 1:24
for rr = 1:24
for mm = 1:10
for nn = 1:50
[~,idx] = min(abs(time(:,1) - tof(mm,nn,rr,tt)));
voltage(mm,nn,rr,tt) =t(tt)[(idx,rr+1)]; %% here is the error
when tt value increases subsequently it should start searching in t(tt)???
in code if i write t1(idx,rr+1) it will search in t1 matrix, like wise when tt value increases searching matrix should also change t2,t3,t4,....t24
any help would be appreciated

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