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Register two point clouds using ICP algorithm works randomly

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Hamid el 22 de Ag. de 2019
Hello. I have two point clouds and I want to find the transformation function to register them. I used both pcregrigid and pcreistericp command. The first attempt was unsuccessful (Reg0.png: fixed points are blue, moving object is red and moved object is black), but I just moved the fixed object a little bit and it gave me a perfect registration (Reg1.png). How to make sure to have rebost results with the registration commands in Matlab?
here is my simple script:
fixed = pointCloud(pc1);
moving = pointCloud(pc2);
%tform = pcregrigid(moving,fixed,'Extrapolate',true); %matlab does not suggest this command anymore
tform = pcregistericp(moving,fixed,'Extrapolate',true);
moved = pctransform(moving,tform);
p.s. I tried downsampling too, it did not help.

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