Difference in C function argument generated from MATLAB Simulink 2010b compared to MATLAB Simulink 2018b

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I was working on a project where I have to generate c code from MATLAB simulink 2010b version, but now I am planning to migrate to MATLAB 2018b version, and I have migrated all my model to this version and generated the code, but when I compared both the generated code, then I found some difference in function arguments (shown below).
Generated from MATLAB 2018b:
void my_func(RT_MODEL_my_func *const my_func_M)
Generated from MATLAB 2010b:
void my_func(boolean_T firstTime, BlockIO_my_func *my_func_B, D_Work_my_func *my_func_DWork)
In the above two functions we can see the difference in the arguments. My doubt, is there any setting which allows this to happen in MATLAB2018b version.

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Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia on 30 Aug 2019
Hi Asang,
Prior to R2010b version of MATLAB there were 5 different coder products viz. Real-time Workshop, Stateflow Coder, Real-time Workshop Embedded Coder, Target Support Package and Embedded IDE link.
From R2011a these 5 products were combined into 3 different products namely Embedded Coder, Simulink Coder and MATLAB coder, which helped to enhance the performance of code generation. The reverting process to older version is not supported as the inherent architecture of the Code Generation is changed.

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