How to append matrix row depending on index in for loop?

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I have a 3D array of size 512 512 100 of ones and zeros. I want to look at the rows and record any row that contains all zeros in a new array, and stops when it comes across a row that contains a single one. However, I want to record the rows in a new 100 512 matrix where each row in that matrrix contains the index numbers of all the rows containing zeros in the original array. I wrote a small script but the recording in the new array part doesnt work:
for 3Dimages=1:100
for i=1:512*inputofuser
if Original3Dimage(i,:,3Dimages)==0
so it should be that each each row in the new 'Array' contains the index numbers for the rows containing zeros in the original array for that page number from 1:100
so there would be 100 rows, each one being for the 1:100 3Dimages number
and each row would have different number of columns, 512 being the greatest(maybe) beause each 3Dimages number would have a different number of rows containing zeros. Therefore there would be some empty cells (column-wise). If this is not possible, is there a different way to record the index numbers, seperating each of the 100 pages.

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Matt J
Matt J on 27 Sep 2019
Edited: Matt J on 27 Sep 2019
This is a little different than what you asked for, but I claim that it's better. The result will be a 100x512 logical array such that Array(i,j)=1 if the i-th 3D image has all zeros in the j-th row and 0 otherwise. Remember that in Matlab, logical vectors can be used to index just as well as numeric indices can. And, the whole thing is one line of well-vectorized code.
If you really must have the indices in numeric form (but why???) rather than in logical form then you can add these additional lines:
Array=num2cell( Array.*(1:size(Array,2)) ,2);
This will give you a cell array such that Array{i} contain the indices for the i-th image.
Matt J
Matt J on 27 Sep 2019
But even if that's the case, I showed you the additional code needed to get the list of indices.
Array=num2cell( Array.*(1:size(Array,2)) ,2);

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