MILP problem has no feasible solution

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i have a complex problem with 5 variables for each of 33 nodes, so you can say I have 33x5 variables, several equality and ineqaulity constraints. i am using the intlinprog to solve my MILP problem and am always getting no feasible solution and am not sure what i am doing wrong please assist.
sibabalo noludwwe
sibabalo noludwwe on 8 Oct 2019
thank you Walter this help some constrained worked until the last one and i think I know what might be the issue I just do not know how to fix it as am not advanced in matlab can you assist.
i hope i will be able to explain what i want to do:
I have a TXT file( also attached as busnetwok.txt) of a 33 bus network.
1. I plotted an undirected graph of the data in the TXT file, from that graph i obtained a minimum spanning tree mean some of the edges are left out.
2. the constraint that i want to formulate uses the data corresponding to the minimum spanning tree, the problem now is that the min span tree graph (T) data does not have column 4 and 5 from the busnetwork txt file which is correct but now How do I exctract column 4 and 5 data from the busnetwork.txt corresponding only to the edges used in the min span tree.
below is a bit of my code:
load 'busnetwork.txt';
title('33 bus network')
T1=dfsearch(T,mg1,'edgetonew'); %returns an ordered cell array of egdes from a microgrid.N-by 2
v1=dfsearch(T,mg1);% node ID in terms of their discovery from MG 33x1
fr=T1(:,1); %32x1
see I have fr and to nodes in order and i want to exctract column 4 and 5 data from busnetwork that corresponds to these nodes , please assist.

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