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Cside on 12 Oct 2019
Answered: Rik on 12 Oct 2019
Hi i have this code but I do not wish for the figures of anova to appear. I tried to input 'off' in that line but was returned with "Error using anova1 (line 93) X and GROUP must have the same length". How should i debug this? Thank you!
p = zeros (1,3);
for n = 1:3
dataset_fef_sac_5_n = dataset_fef_sac_5(n,:);
%%toreplicate into 8 rows
testdata_n = repmat(dataset_fef_sac_5_n, 8,1);
fef_n = testdata_n.*ix;
%%to Nan only those in ixCopy, not actual 0 values in dataset
fef_n (ix ==0) = NaN;
%%transpose pfc_n for anova to work
[~,table] = anova1(fef_n', 'off');
pvalue(n) = table{2,6};

Accepted Answer

Rik on 12 Oct 2019
You need to define a group array if you want to use the off switch. The documentation states "anova1 treats each column of y as a separate group". That should provide you with enough information to generate the appropriate group variable.

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