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How to make an opacity factor matrix from ones and zeros?

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i have a matrix of ones and zeros making an irregular shape
how do i write a script to change the zeros directly bordering the ones a value less then one (lets say 0.9) then any zeros which are spaced 2 spaces away 0.8 and ..etc
0.9 and 0.8 are not specific or constant but i want to use evenly spaced numbers between 0 and 1 based on the size of the matrix and how many it can fit between a one and the furthest point away from 1. I cant think of a solution to a situation where a 0 pixel is directly bordering a 1 but also 2 points away from another 1 (maybe just priority at that point?, if theres a better idea for this situation i'm open to something similar)
the purpose of this is to use the matrix as a opacity factor matrix for blending 2 images

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