Adding and subtracting values inside tables

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Hi all,
I have to tables one with the high values in x= amount of years , the other table with the low values for x= amount of years. I want to be able to calculate the mean of each and divide them by 2.

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adeq123 on 25 Oct 2019
Edited: adeq123 on 25 Oct 2019
You can just use mean(). Like that:
clear all;
A = [2.189091 2.071748 1.663721 1.579909 1.542135 1.118777];
B = [-1.60278 -1.41313 -1.32337 -1.29252 -1.16406 -1.1271 -1.12233];
%Calcluate mean of each table
meanA = mean(A);
meanB = mean(B);
%Divide them by 2

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