Pad with Nan according to maximum row in cell

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Hi, I have a 1 x 8 cell (attached) and would like to cell2mat this matrix i.e to expand and show into one big numeric 97 x 8 array (97 being the maximum length of a cell array). I would also like to pad the ends of the smaller cell arrays with Nan to make all columns the same row length. How may I write for this?
Thank you!

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Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 27 Oct 2019
I keep all steps separated
% the data
A = {rand(47,1),rand(80,1),rand(97,1)};
% pad with NaNs
A = cellfun(@(x)[x(1:end); NaN(97-length(x),1)],A,'UniformOutput',false);
% make a matrix
A = cell2mat(A);

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