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Read in Text File as string Array

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xRobot on 19 Nov 2019
Commented: Ruger28 on 19 Nov 2019
Hello, I have a text file that contains one column of words. I would like to read in the file as a string array of seperated strings so I can index the elements in the array.
Any advice is greatly appecraiated! Thanks!


xRobot on 19 Nov 2019
Using this, I obtained data as a 1x1 cell in the workspace.
fid = fopen('mylist2.txt');
data = textscan(fid,'%s');
Using this, I obtained words5 as a 1x111022 char array in the workspace.
fileID = fopen('mylist.odt','r');
formatSpec = '%s';
words5 = fscanf(fileID,formatSpec);
Ruger28 on 19 Nov 2019
Please see my answer below to see how to use textscan and get strings

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Accepted Answer

Ruger28 on 19 Nov 2019
fileName = '<your full file path here>'
% my sample text contains ---> apple, baseball, car, donut, & elephant in single column.
FID = fopen(fileName);
data = textscan(FID,'%s');
stringData = string(data{:});
stringData =
5×1 string array


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xRobot on 19 Nov 2019
I got it! I just had to copy and paste the column into notepad as a regular .txt file. Thank you so much!
Ruger28 on 19 Nov 2019
not a problem! try this just for fun.
odtFile = '<full filepath for file';
txtFile = fullfile(fileparts(odtFile),'TextVersion.txt');
fileName = txtFile;
<your script>
and then try runing your code. That way, you wont have to copy paste.

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