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How to use timetable in machine learning app?

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Ugur Acar
Ugur Acar on 22 Nov 2019
Commented: Ugur Acar on 29 Mar 2020
I have a table T, first column is the year, second column is the month, third column is the day and fourth column is the hour. I have temperature data in the fifth column.
I make it timetable like this;
T=....%my existing table
Then i want to use this time data and temperature data in regression learner to predict missing temperature datas.
But when importing data from workspace to regression learner, it doesnt recognise the timetable but only the table T.
Is there any way to use timetable data in regression learner or machine learner ?
Thank you.


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Answers (1)

Fabrice Lambert
Fabrice Lambert on 26 Mar 2020
As far as I know the regression and classification learner apps do not support timetables. It doesn't matter though since you don't need the time information for these apps. Just transform them to tables using timetable2table.


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