plotting 2 different sized data into histogram

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i have 2 data files, like R1(6400*1) and R2(6500*1). data inside both are varying between 0 to 3 but R2 contains 20 data with value varying between3 to 12.
how while plotting the histogram of both data together, bar of the both R! and R2 are of different width. suppose i have bar of 0.2-0.4 of R1 then i am getting bar of R2 range 0.2-0.35 so next bar of R2(0.35-....) is also over lapping with R1(0.2-0.4) range with is very hard to compare both data.
i tried with setting nbins but due to varing data of both matrix overlapping is still a problem and hard to compare it.
please anyone suggest me the solution to manage both bars of same width.
here is the picture with program line 97,98 and 107,108. where nbins is 1 for every bars.problem.JPG

Accepted Answer

Luna on 28 Nov 2019
Try this for your both histograms. Do not use nbins.
widthvalue = 0.1;

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