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I am doing the Machine Learning Onramp course provided by MATLAB Academy.
The course consists of handwriting recognition and has certain files associated with it. However, these files are only available online. How can I download them to practice later in offline mode? Is there any possible option to download those files?

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Ralina Begam
Ralina Begam on 22 May 2020
letterds = datastore("*_M_*.txt");
data = read(letterds);
data = scale(data);
axis equal
ylabel("Vertical position")

ZOI Dimou
ZOI Dimou on 8 Jul 2022
hello, i would like answer to this
It can be useful to investigate the features of commonly confused classes. Try using the logical array of incorrect classifications to index into testdata and predictions to obtain the data for the misclassified observations. Where do these observations live in the feature space? From this, can you tell why these observations were misclassified?

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