mapshow with DisplayType 'Surface'

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I have a geotif file that I reprresent using mapshow with DisplayType set as 'Surface'. I would like to change the color of the image. To make it clear, here is my code with comments:
lat =[-50.414 -90.45];
lon=[-17.50 -55.984];
[A,x,y,I] = geoimread('glc_shv10_02.Tif',lat,lon);
%geoimread is a routine to read the data in specifed lat, lon region
% A is 2D array that I like to represnt using mapshow.
% I is the info structure
temp = 1-im2bw(A); % I convert to black and white
mapshow(temp,I.RefMatrix,'DisplayType', 'Surface');
%here I would like to change the color of the Surface from a default %value
Is there a way to change the color?

Accepted Answer

Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 30 Dec 2019
You can use 'colormap' in your program after 'mapshow'. Please refer this link which will be useful for you to analyze different type of 'colormap'.

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