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Why are some characters chopped off on the bottom in plots?

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David Walwark
David Walwark el 9 de En. de 2020
Comentada: David Walwark el 18 de En. de 2020
Below is an example of text from a legend. The top line is chopped but the lower line is not.
Here is some code that can generate the ugliness for you (unless I am mistaken). Just look at the Y-axis text.
If you increase the fontsize to 19 or larger points then the issue seems to go away. What is going on?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 9 de En. de 2020
Are you using... Ummm, let me think... R2015b?? On Linux??
There was a release which cut off text at the boundary on Linux systems. The easiest fix was to nudge the YLim to go down a bit further.
There was also an old release that the problem happened on Windows, and the solution had to do with changing the figure Renderer property.
David Walwark
David Walwark el 18 de En. de 2020
I get these type of artifacts all the time, in previous versions and in 2019b. Should I be trying different renderers?

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Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino el 9 de En. de 2020
legend('nissio', 'pop.');
Mine did work well with R2019b.
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David Walwark
David Walwark el 9 de En. de 2020
Editada: David Walwark el 9 de En. de 2020
I remarked my entire startup.m, restarted matlab, and ran the code again. I updated the question to reflect Matlab 2019b (on windows 10). Still having this issue.

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