problem with building PX4 code using simulink

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Hello everyone.
I recently wanted to upload example simulink model to pixhawk using cygwin but the uploading process got stuck at Building part. (see attachment).
I can not stop it neither close the diagnostics window. I did reconnect Pixhawk after prompt and clicked OK until 5 seconds has passed. Can anybody help me with this issue ? What could be reason of this bug ?
Thanks in advanceKomentár 2020-01-15 100318.png

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 30 Jan 2020
Before deploying code to any Pixhawk board from Simulink, it is required to reconnect the board to the computer. After reconnecting the board, it boots up in bootloader mode and stats in bootloader for approx. 5 seconds before launching the main firmware. For flashing the firmware, we need the board to be in bootloader mode. Hence a pop-up dialog comes up as shown below after clicking the build button asking the user to reconnect the board.
However, the user needs to click OK on the pop-up within 5 seconds after reconnecting the board to PC. Otherwise the board will come out of bootloader mode and we will be unable to flash the firmware of the board. The expected workflow after clicking the build button in Simulink is below:
1. Wait for the above pop-up dialog to appear.
2. When the pop-up appears, disconnect the Pixhawk board from computer. Do not click OK at this stage.
3. Reconnect the Pixhawk board. Click OK after reconnecting as soon as possible (it is recommended to click OK within 5 seconds after reconnecting).
4. After a couple of seconds, you would observe the following output on diagnostic viewer indicating that flashing of firmware has started.
If for some reason you do not see the above output on diagnostic viewer, even after reconnecting the Pixhawk board within 5 seconds, you can just reconnect the board once more to the computer and you can see that the firmware flash has started.
You can see the troubleshooting link:
Samuel Razumovskiy
Samuel Razumovskiy on 21 Jul 2021
Just realized what the problem was, I was missing this selector.

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