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how to handle unknown size of arrey

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Chaudhary P Patel
Chaudhary P Patel el 2 de Feb. de 2020
Cerrada: MATLAB Answer Bot el 20 de Ag. de 2021
Actually i am going to use structural data that is very large and i have to use it one by one and i do not know what is its size. so please help me how can i handle it.
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Chaudhary P Patel
Chaudhary P Patel el 3 de Feb. de 2020
sir i have a acceleration data for a dynamic struture which i have to create an array form for the further analysis.
Rik el 3 de Feb. de 2020
Have a read here and here. It will greatly improve your chances of getting an answer.

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Star Strider
Star Strider el 2 de Feb. de 2020
Use the size function to get the dimensions. There are other functions in and at the end of the size documentation that can provide you with similar results.
To use the results, assuming ‘A’ is your array, to index the the rows:
r_idx = 1:size(A,1);
and the columns:
c_idx = 1:size(A,2);
and other dimensions as necessary.
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Star Strider
Star Strider el 3 de Feb. de 2020
As I mentioned, this has gotten from something I am comfortable working with (general MATLAB coding in this instance) to structural engineering that is beyond my expertise.
I am stopping here, intending that someone with relevant expertise continue it.
You will likely need to use a loop to multiply your (8x8) mass matrix by individual single elements of your acceleration vector. What you then do with the result, I have absolutely no idea.
Beyond that, please do not use the eval function! There are much better and more efficient ways of doing what you want.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 3 de Feb. de 2020
Do not use importdata. Use readtable


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