strjoin, string, remove a single space, while combining variables.

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I have to do this in this manner for a hw question, I know there are other ways to acomplish the same thing....
X = strjoin([ "The" , "cat" ], " ")
Y = strjoin([ "over" , "the" , "fence" ], " ")
Z = strjoin([ X ,"jumped", Y ,"." ], " ")
"Z" has a space between the end of string "Y" and the added period, I need to remove just that space while maintaining the rest of the spaces between the other strings.
How do I get.....
"The cat jumped over the fence." % no space between "fence" and "."

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2020
Join one fewer item in Y, and strcat() or + it on to the end.
If you absolutely must use only strjoin, then join one fewer item into Y, and strjoin the result with "" (empty string) using "." as the joining character.

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