How get analyzeNetwork output without a display environment (e.g. -nodesktop)?

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It doesn't appear that you can get the output of an analyzeNetwork call without a display available. Is this correct? I've seen that you can get part of the output by calling plot on a graph and saving to a file, but the main thing I'm interested in is getting the input and output dimensions for the layers in a network (i.e. what's shown under "ANALYSIS RESULT" from an analyzeNetwork call). Is it possible to get that either in text form or into a figure so I can save/print the gcf to a file?

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Utkarsh on 19 Jun 2020
Hi Marc,
From you question it seems like you want to have the layer structure stored in a variable or displayed in a textual form without using analyzeNetwork.
There is no direct way to get the information from command line since the network needs to run to calculate input, output size which is what done by analyzeNetwork.
You may refer here for the documentation.


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