Scenario reduction algorithm in matlab

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sibabalo noludwwe
sibabalo noludwwe el 20 de Mzo. de 2020
Comentada: shilpa mishra el 30 de Jul. de 2023
I have generated 1000 random scenarios and I want to reduce them to 20. What function or algorithm can i apply in matlab to do this
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B Dinesh prabhu
B Dinesh prabhu el 24 de Mzo. de 2021
Editada: B Dinesh prabhu el 24 de Mzo. de 2021
sibabalo noludwwe, have you find solution to your question, i was looking for it, if you know how to do scenario reduction using GAMS please tell me brother,thank you.

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Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil el 23 de Mzo. de 2020
I understand that you are trying to get reduced number of samples from the 1000 samples that you generate.
Currently we do not have an inbuilt function to do so. However, you can use scenred which implements optimal scenario tree reduction.
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shilpa mishra
shilpa mishra el 30 de Jul. de 2023
Is your probelm is solved? If yes please share the solution ? how you solved this problem to reduce 1000 scenarios of wind speed data to 20 or else.

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