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When working from home, why do I get error message of undefined function or license error?

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When calling a MATLAB function, I get error message of undefined function or license error. However, as ver results show, I have already installed the toolbox product and I can find the .m file in the correct matlabroot folder.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 Mar 2020
For working from home, when you are using a floating license, it might be a license issue due to sluggish network. To determine, retrieve the network license manager log file, which should be located in:
Default $MATLAB\FNP_DIR\debug.log
Path specified in LMTOOLS
Have more information in:
In the license manager log, you are likely to see error or failure. To workaround, reach out install support team ( ) with error message in the log.


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