extracting a and b beta parameters from distribution fitter app

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so I used the distribution fitter app to find the best PDF for my data and i found the best fit to be the beta pdf. i then saved the pdf parameter to my workspace.
and when i exctract the parameters they come in this form:
Beta distribution
a = 0.488112 [0.385556, 0.617948]
b = 1.3023 [0.817649, 2.07421]
how can i only exctract a and b.

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dpb on 29 Mar 2020
Edited: dpb on 29 Mar 2020
If your save object is mybetaObject then
myBetaObject.ParameterValues % both a, b
for each. Hard to glean from the doc if use the app; see the description of the fitted distribution objects throuth the fitdist doc link for each distribution.
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dpb on 29 Mar 2020
OBTW...use tab completion at the command line after the object variable name to see the list of properties, procedures.

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