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How do I turn off white figure background when exporting? (Permanently)

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I'm trying to save images from the commandline. Because i generally use darkmode; I have this is my startup.m;
% Default axis coloring
So my figures are plotted with black background; which is what I like. I also want to export the figures with the black background. From the figure window; i go to File -> Export Setup -> Rendering and untick the Custom Color box to export with my background. However; I can't do in individually for every figure. Is there a way I can set this option as the default?

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila el 10 de Abr. de 2020
A list of factory-defined graphics settings that can be manipulated can be obtained by executing this command at the MATLAB prompt:
To set the default color for all graphics objects, the 'defaultfigurecolor' property of the ROOT graphics object needs to be defined as follows:
set(0,'defaultfigurecolor',[1 1 1])
Once the property is set, all succesive figures created will inherit this property from the ROOT graphics object.


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