How to write cell array to excel file

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I have a cell array whose elements have different sizes. How can I write it to an excel file?
For example:
a = rand(10,1);
b = rand(5,1);
c = rand(4,8);
X = {a, b, c};
How can I export X to an excel file?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Apr 2020
If the desired output is a worksheet in which the first column has 10 rows, and the second column has 5 rows, and then the next 8 columns have 4 rows, with the unused portions of each column being empty: then you cannot directly do that.
However, you can use:
vars = {a,b,c};
varnames = {'a', 'b', 'c'};
rows = cellfun(@(M) size(M,1), vars);
cols = cellfun(@(M) size(M,2), vars);
maxrows = max(rows);
T = table();
for K = 1 : length(varnames)
T.(varnames{K}) = [vars{K}; nan(maxrows - rows(K), cols(K))];
writetable(T, 'X.xlsx');

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BN on 9 Apr 2020
Edited: BN on 9 Apr 2020
Try this:
writecell(X, 'X.xlsx')
parham kianian
parham kianian on 10 Apr 2020
It does not work. Walter is right.

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Qiang Lei
Qiang Lei on 20 May 2022
writetable(cell2table(X), 'X.xlsx')

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