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sprintf for 3.1901 to show 03.190

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I have the numbers
s = 3.1901
ss = 13.1905
and want to use
sprintf(formatSpec, s) and sprintf(formatSpec, ss)
to return
03.190 {i.e. rounded to 3DP and the leading zero shown}
13.191 {i.e. rounded to 3DP}
so both 3.1901 and 13.1905 should return
2 places before the DP (leading zero for 3.1901)
3 places after the DP (rounded to 3 DP)
I am struggling to figure out the correct formatSpec when calling sprintf(formatSpec, ....)


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Apr 2020
%06.3f should do it.

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Purnendu Nath
Purnendu Nath on 15 Apr 2020
Thanks Walter!
I figured it out after struggling for an hour and then looking on Stack overflow in general printf rather than Matlab specific pages... Your confirmation is of value too, I appreciate it.

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