How to index a variable value and assign it to an array?

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I am a beginner in MatLab and I am trying to assign a variable value to an array.
d1 = 579
y = array(d1)
I know I can just input the number into the array, but I want to extract the value from the variable just in case d1 changes.
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Apr 2020
It seems that you are not just a beginner, but you have really spent almost no time learning even the most basic operations of MATLAB. I would recommend viewing a tutorial such as the MATLAB Onramp.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Apr 2020
Do you mean simply
y = d1
If not, can you give a more specific example of the input and output you would expect (not just a pretend syntax that does not work)?



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