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Is it possible to use outcomes of functions in another script, without running that function first?

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Danny Helwegen
Danny Helwegen on 30 Apr 2020
Edited: Tommy on 30 Apr 2020
I had a question about functions. I've a lot of equations and the outcomes of some equations are needed for other equations, like a = 3 + 1 --> b = 2 + a.
To create a better overview I want to try to make 2 scripts. In one I will solve the "basic" equations, script 1, and in the other one the more "advanced" equations, script 2. But, how do I call the outcomes from script 1 into script 2 without running script 1 first? Or isn't this possible?
To make the story a bit more clear I've added a simplified example:
function [Alpha, Beta, Gamma] = basic(x,y)
Alpha = x^2 - 20;
Beta = (x+3)/21;
Gamma = 30*x - 5;
And script 2:
function [Outcome1, Outcome2] = advanced(x,y)
Outcome1 = Alpha/Beta * x^2 - 2;
Outcome2 = Gamma/y + Alpha * x;
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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Accepted Answer

Tommy on 30 Apr 2020
You can call your first function in your second function like so:
function [Outcome1, Outcome2] = advanced(x,y)
[Alpha, Beta, Gamma] = basic(x,y);
Outcome1 = Alpha/Beta * x^2 - 2;
Outcome2 = Gamma/y + Alpha * x;

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