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Arun Kumar Singh
Arun Kumar Singh el 4 de Mayo de 2020
Comentada: Walter Roberson el 5 de Mayo de 2020
cd E:\MATLAB\Data
function out = iri2016(time, latitude, longitude, height, utc, coord, ...
curldir, Rz12, IG12, f10_7_daily, f10_7_81day, tec_hmax, ne_top, ...
fpeak, f2storm, fpeak_height, bottom, f1_prob, auroral_boundary, ...
foE_storm, Ne_Dreg, Te_top, ioncomp, NmF2_foF2, hmF2_M3000F2, ...
NmE_foE, hmE, B0)
% IRI2016 International Reference Ionosphere 2016 output parameters.
[edit Rik: rest of file moved to attachment]
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 5 de Mayo de 2020
iri2016 code is copyrighted. it cannot be posted without permission of the author.

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Rik el 4 de Mayo de 2020
You put a line of code before the first function. You can only do that if you intend your file to work as a script, and if you close all functions with the end keyword. You seem to be doing neither.
You should remove the cd line from your file.
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Rik el 4 de Mayo de 2020
What does this line return?
system('"E:\MATLAB\Data\curl" -h')
  • If it returns an error, then your system can't actually find curl. That is something you need to fix.
  • If it doesn't return an error there is something wrong with the function. Contact the author of the function.
Rik el 5 de Mayo de 2020
If this helped you, please consider marking my answer as accepted.

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