Is it possible to play matlab built video to a secondary monitor?

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Hello, I am trying to have a control over my video which to be displayed on the secondary monitor.
Eventhough I can use usb drive to play my video on that monitor and remote controller to start and stop, it would be great if I can control the playback of the video from MATLAB.
In order to do so, where should I start? Do I need to have a specific toolboxes?
Thank you,

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 7 de Mayo de 2020
You can control the Position of the figure that you play the video in. MonitorPositions tells you where in logical coordinates the monitors are
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Yanjika O
Yanjika O el 7 de Mayo de 2020
Thanks! Walter, I will let you know if I implemented it successfully or not.

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