How to access a certain line or box in powerpoint via Matlab ?

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Hi All
in Matlab help, there is an unclear example , that I could not understand whether I should write the name of a paragraph, or its label or what , to change its font etc.
import mlreporgen.ppt.*
p = Paragraph('Model Highlights');
p.Style = [p.Style {FontColor('red'),Bold(true)}];
what is 'Model Highlights' ? is it a paragraph? is it a line ? is it a lable ? how should I know ? what are the other useful commands ? where do I find all of them ?

Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 15 May 2020
paragraphObj = Paragraph(text) creates a paragraph that contains a mlreportgen.ppt.Text object with the text specified by text.
So the p in your above code is a paragraph with the text "Model Highlights". See Add and Replace Presentation Content for details.

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