How to find the inside Facelabels for the 3D multidomain geometry created using geometryFromMesh

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Hi All,
I have a multi domain 3D geometry to import into matlab using geometryFromMesh. Using this geometry, I have to apply boundary condition on faces to apply poisson equation.
The geometry is a bit complex. So there are lot of inside faces. I used FaceLabels. But the inside faces labels are not visible. i tried FaceAlpha to make the faces transperant. This helped a bit, but couldnt recongonize all faces as the labels became very messy and i was not able understand which Facelabel belong to which Face.
Is there a way, i can view the inside faces of the geometry? Or if i can view faces, domain by domain, that also works...
Or is there a pattern how the Face labels are allocated so that i can figureout the faces using the pattern..
Thanks for the help.
Much appreciated.

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