Executing same function in different elements of an array

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Yanjika O
Yanjika O el 20 de Mayo de 2020
Comentada: Stephen23 el 21 de Mayo de 2020
I have wrote a function for small calculation. And I have an array 'A' which has over 25000 elements. I would like to refer certain ranges like A(2500:2800), A(5000:5300) and so on.., execute above mantioned function on them. Also, getting separate outputs from each range of A that I have selected. I have tried using array fun but I couldn`t make it work.
Please give your recommendations in this case.
Thank you

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Stephen23 el 20 de Mayo de 2020
Try something like this:
B = [2500,5000,...]; % begin indices
E = [2800,5300,...]; % end indices
N = numel(B);
C = cell(1,N);
for k = 1:N
V = A(B(k):E(k));
... do whatever with subvector V
C{k} = ... output of your code
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Yanjika O
Yanjika O el 21 de Mayo de 2020
Thank you for answering.
Here is what I tried so far. What I want here is
(1) Get the range of A from 10 to 20, 30 to 40, 50 to 60, 70 to 80 and 90 to 100
(2) Run the code below defining V vector starting from idx=V<5... for every range that I have defined on 1st step
(3) And get the summary result of how many of the element was met with my condition above by disp(f)
I still couldn`t fiure it out. There might be some wrong usafe of sth. Please suggest more.
B=A([10, 30, 50, 70, 90]);
C=A([20, 40, 60, 80, 100]);
for k=1:N
ii1=strfind([0 idx 0],[0 1]);
ii2=strfind([0 idx 0],[1 0])-1;
for n=n(:,:)'
Stephen23 el 21 de Mayo de 2020
Replace the definitions of B and C with
B = [10,30,50,70,90];
C = [20,40,60,80,100]);
These are supposed to be vectors of indices. You used them to extract elements of A before the loop, and then in the loop you used those extracted elements of A as indices into A... which is unlikely to be very useful.

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