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How can I plot the values of a vector in colors: 2d position plot plus color.

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giacomo labbri
giacomo labbri on 26 May 2020
Edited: darova on 26 May 2020
I would like to plot a position (standard 2D plot with X and Y corresponding to logitude and latitude values) and color the resulting line according to the values of a third vector (that represent temperature). All vector have the same lenght. Any advice on how to do it?
More Details:
I have three vectors. For example:
I would like to have a 2D plot with a line give by the vectors longitude and latitude and the color of the line given by the vector temp.
Thanks in advance :)
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Ruger28 on 26 May 2020
a scatter could easily accompolish this. x and y are lat and long, and temp would be the c. The sz is whatever you want. I suggest start with 50 or 100. You can tweak it as desired.

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