How can I use AWGN Channel Block to specify a SNR respect my signal power?

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Hello all,
I would like to use simulik AWG Channel Block to add certain Noise power to my signal. My desired signal is a 802.11p signal that I am creating with wlanNonHTConfig together with wlanWaveformGenerator as shown below
cfgNHT = wlanNonHTConfig;
cfgNHT.ChannelBandwidth = 'CBW10';
cfgNHT.PSDULength = psduLen;
cfgNHT.MCS = mcs;
%% Packet parameters
% Create random data; PSDULength is in bytes
savedState = rng(0); % Set random state
data = randi([0 1],cfgNHT.PSDULength*8*numPackets,1);
% Generate a multi-packet waveform
waveForm80211p = wlanWaveformGenerator(data,cfgNHT, 'NumPackets',numPackets,'IdleTime',idleTime);
fs = wlanSampleRate(cfgNHT);
disp(['Baseband sampling rate: ' num2str(fs/1e6) ' Msps, with sampling frequency ' num2str(fs/1e6) 'MSsamples/s']);
Signal s = waveForm80211p will be imported into Simulink ( as timeseries) and there I will add white gaussian noise using the block AWG Channel Block as depicted below
However, in order to make use of the block AWGN I need the parameter called Input signal power, referenced to 1 ohm (watts), but how can I get this parameter from my waveForm80211p?
I have tried to use the signalAnalyzer to get an estimation of the signal power, being that it is roughtly Power=~-37dB.
So I have applied this will give a value of Power=1.4125e-02, is this the value that I need to set in Input signal power, referenced to 1 ohm (watts) ? If not, can someone help me to get the right value to set there?
Thanks in advance,

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