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How to deal the points on matrix with specific width size using Matlab?

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M.S. Khan
M.S. Khan on 8 Jun 2020
Closed: KSSV on 8 Jun 2020
Hi Matlab community members,
i am using this code to fill or label as '1' in the matrix with respect to width size as 10
So if the ii and jj indexes are present, the number 1 will be filled. its good.
But i need help how to deal that matrix where only zeros are present.
i want to fill that grid only as '0'. I tried to use if else statement but could not succed.
Will be very thankful for guidance and help.
xx = -40:10:40;
yy = -40:10:40;
% Size_x=numel(xx);
% Size_z =numel(zz);
% Result_matrix = zeros(Size_x,Size_z);
Boundary_x = 10*floor(Slice_x/10);
Boundary_y = 10*floor(Slice_y/10);
[~,jj] = ismember(Boundary_y,yy);

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