Why is the default right-hand text limit for editor set at 75?

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Why is the default right-hand text limit for Matlab's editor at 75? Isn't the convention for code and other ASCII formats typically at 80? I understand that this can be changed in the settings. I just want to know why Mathworks decided for the default to be at 75.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 14 Dec 2022
It’s been several decades since I typed FORTRAN code onto 80-column punchcards and fed them to a room-sized mainframe that was less powerful than my current wristwatch, however if I remember correctly, there were 72 usable columns on each punchcard. The first eight columns were for a comment column (1) and the other 7 for number lines (for code that was longer than one card), and other non-code information. Later FORTRAN screen editors kept that standard.

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