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Lindazeta el 25 de Jun. de 2020
Comentada: dpb el 26 de Jun. de 2020
How do I combine two matrices of different types? I have a datetime matrix and one with pH values, and I would like to export them in one .csv file from matlab. When I try to merge them I get the error message "All inputs must be datetimes or date/time character vectors or date/time strings."
Is there a way to merge datetime with other cell matrices, and how is it done?

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dpb el 25 de Jun. de 2020
Editada: dpb el 25 de Jun. de 2020
>> c={datetime(now,'ConvertFrom','datenum'),pi}
c =
1×2 cell array
{[25-Jun-2020 08:22:52]} {[3.14]}
>> writecell(c,'C.csv')
>> type C.csv
25-Jun-2020 08:22:52,3.14159265358979
writecell (as well as the various other builtin solutions) has the problem that the date string contains embedded blanks but is not quote-delimited. This means reading the file back in generally takes extra steps to keep the date and time from being broken apart into two variables.
To prevent this, use (what I think should be default instead of not) the 'QuoteStrings' parameter:
>> writecell(c,'C.csv','QuoteStrings',true)
>> type C.csv
"25-Jun-2020 08:22:52",3.14159265358979
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Lindazeta el 26 de Jun. de 2020
Cool, thanks! The only thing though, is that all my dates and values stay on the first row, I need them in 2 columns and 239 rows.. I feel like I'm missing something super obvious...
dpb el 26 de Jun. de 2020
writecell outputs the cell array to reflect the internal storage order.
Above I created a 1x2 cell array so that is what was written.
Arrange your array as you want/need it to be output.

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