How i can change significant digit in App Designer UITable ?

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I have problem in changing significant digit on App designer.
Below here, there's my actual data.
1 0 0
2 2.50129E-005 -2.96795E-005
3 5.00021E-005 -3.8927
4 7.50025E-005 -34.6731
But, I got undesirable digits when i put this data into UITable in App desinger,
I tryied using "format shortEng" but, it works only in command window.

Accepted Answer

dpb on 3 Jul 2020
Use the 'ColumnFormat' property to set the desired format by column. See the doc for "Table Properties" from the link in the uitable doc page.
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Sang Hyeok Yang
Sang Hyeok Yang on 7 Jul 2020
thanks for answer.
Below here, there's my line to set digit.
app.UITable1.ColumnFormat = {'bank' 'shortEng' 'short'};

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