Error message in Non-linear fit for more than three variables

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% Create an anonymous function that describes the expected relationship
% between X and Y
fun = @(b,X) b(1)*X(:,1) + b(2)*X(:,2) + b(3) * exp(b(4)*X(:,3));
% Create a data set to use for our example
% Specify beta
b = [100; 200; 3; 4];
% Create some X variables
X = rand(100,3);
% Y = fun(X)
Y = fun(b,X) + randn(100,1);
% Specify a vector of starting conditions for the solvers
b0 = [75; 300; 1; 8];
% Perform a nonlinear regression
beta = nlinfit(X,Y, fun, b0);
When I run the following script for non-linear fit ,I get this error message (Error in nlinfit (line 14) beta = nlinfit(X,Y, fun, b0);
Are there any syntax errors in the following code?

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