Increase parameter value during Simulink simulation

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Good day everyone,
I'm attempting to gradually increase a value during a simulink simulation. It is a single value that I divide into three vectors to generate pulses as part of the PWM of a variable frequency drive system.
The time vector I'm aiming to change is 'time1'. In a MATLAB script I create this vector to be of size (1000,2). I need a way to read each individual entry of that matrix as time passes in the simulation. I understand the time steps used in MATLAB and Simulink are different which complicates the situation even further.
Any suggestions on how I could accomplish this in Simulink itself rather than using a MATLAB script?
Christo van Rensburg
Christo van Rensburg on 5 Sep 2020
I can maybe see how that would work, but using lookup tables won't change the entries in the matrix 'time1' as far as I understand it.
I want the pulse generator to use a specific row of values of 'time1' when the simulation runs.

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