Syntax Error using Fcn Block

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Jay Talreja
Jay Talreja on 7 Sep 2020
Answered: TUFAIL BHAT on 26 Jan 2022
I am trying to use Fcn Block but everytime i get this error
The Expression is (1/Mus)*(Ks*(u[3]-u[4])+Ct*(u([7]-u[2])+Kt*(u[6]-u[4])-u[5]) by taking 7 inputs through Mux and taking as input to Fcn Block
This is the error I am getting
The expression: (1/Mus)*(Ks*(u[3]-u[4])+Ct*(u([7]-u[2])+Kt*(u[6]-u[4])-u[5]) in 'Skyhook_Quater_Car_Me/Quater Car /Fcn1' has a syntax error
Can somebody help me on this..
Thanks in Advance

Accepted Answer

Jan on 7 Sep 2020
Edited: Jan on 7 Sep 2020
You need round parentheses for indexing, not square brackets:
% ==>
When I insert your expression in Matlab's Command Window, I get the error message:
Error: Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket.
and a mark under the first square bracket.
Jan on 7 Sep 2020
You still have a different number of opening and closing parentheses. I cannot fix this for you, because I do not know the real fromula you want to use.

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TUFAIL BHAT on 26 Jan 2022
Did you solve the problem? I am getting the same error.


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