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How do I open an m-file 1 from another m-file 2 and write a multi-line on m-file 1 at a specific position from m-file 2?

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Hi, we have a bunch of m-files functions that we need to add copyright and reference to the help section, which is placed before the "function" command line, of each one of them. Does anybody know of any way to do this automatically from an external m-file so that each of the m-files functions will have copyright and reference with the same style at the help section?
Thank you!

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Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta el 8 de Oct. de 2020
It is possible to edit a m file with the help of another. If we know to edit a single m file, then we can iterate over all such m file we want to edit. To know about to edit m file from another one, look at another similarly asked question here.


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