How to only change part of the background color?

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Hi, I have a figure as my ui. Now I would like to plot something in the middle of the ui:
axes('Position',[.7 .7 .2 .2])
set (gca, 'visible' , 'off' )
set (gca, 'xtick' , [])
set (gcf, 'color', [1,1,1])
axis equal
hold on
plotUnrasterized(h, w, h, w, d, curves, 'bezier', defaultI);
hold off
However, this would set the whole image's background to [1,1,1]. Is there a way to only set the background color of the small axes but keep the background of the figure as before?
Thank you very much.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Sep 2020
set(gca, 'color', [1,1,1]) %instead of gcf

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